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We all at Better Manage Now very strongly believe that all business productivity and performance is the result of a strong motivated team of professionals with hands on industry expertise and experience. You can trust us

We are a team of professionals with huge industry experience and expertise. We are a team of committed individuals with only one focus in mind and that is the better management, better performance, and better productivity of the organization that we are working for. We strive on the philosophy that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. The very proof of our survival and sustenance is your better productivity and better performance. You may like to hire us.

About Us

Our services are tailor made, customized and designed to suit individual needs and requirements of any organization whether it is commercial or non-commercial. And before prescribing and offering any solution, we would like to first understand your business issues and needs from the very ground up. We are of this strong opinion and conviction that every organization and its problems are unique to itself and there can never be a common solution to all the problems of any organization. There can never be one-fit-for-all solution or strategy. Every problem is very unique to that organization and understanding that problem from the very ground-up is a good beginning for finding a better and sustainable solution.

It is said that the solution exists in the problem itself. Can we really defy the Peter Principle? Our whole endeavor is to find a solution to this Paradox.


There is nothing called the best. The better exists before the best. The only thing is being better and better. And it is always better to be the best!!

Avadhoot Dandekar BetterManageNow.Com

MISSION: Our mission is Better Execution!!

VISION: Our vission is Better Management!!

VALUES: We value Better Leadership!!

Our whole vision revolves around the following Quote of legendary management thinker Peter Drucker. We are passionate about Better Management and Better Leadership. Our passion is filled with compassion for the above Mission, Vision, and Values:


Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

Peter Drucker Peter Drucker Quotes

Better Management ❤️

Better Management is a very important activity in any organization. It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring all the resources (Men, Money, Materials) in the organization with a view to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

We have all the experience and expertise in Better Management and Better Leadership of an organization. You may like to seek our services.

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